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    Why Consider a Guaranteed Offer When Selling Your Home?

    Why Consider a Guaranteed Offer When Selling Your Home?

    The simple fact is, moving can be stressful! When you choose the Guaranteed Offer,

    exclusively from the Mark Hite Team, you get to skip the stress and simply start
    When you meet with Mark regarding his Guaranteed Offer program, he reviews what
    your home could sell for if you get it into top shape, and he puts his marketing machine
    to work for you. At the same meeting, he shows you what he would give you with his
    Guaranteed Offer for an as-is sale. 
    If you choose the Guaranteed Offer, you get to skip the staging, decluttering, deep
    cleaning, and closet organization — the things you need to do but take too much time.
    The Guaranteed Offer also allows you to skip home repairs. A home buyer is most likely
    going to make their offer contingent on a home inspection. Rotten wood, chipped and
    peeling paint, water, fungus, and mold in your crawl space, as well as a worn roof,
    leaking gutters, and safety hazards a homeowner may not be aware of become Mark’s
    responsibility when he buys your home. Mark does have a professional home and
    wood-destroying infestation inspection, but those inspection responsibilities become his
    punch list of repairs and upgrades once he has purchased your home.
    Getting ready and leaving your home for showings is another stressful part of the selling
    process that simply goes away with the Guaranteed Offer. A homeowner gets to skip
    the preparation work of wiping down sinks to remove toothpaste and keeping the home
    in tip-top shape until receiving an offer. It also allows the owner to avoid spending hours
    sitting in the car down the street while prospective buyers visit.
    With Mark taking all the risk and liability, he cannot pay the full retail price that you may
    receive with his full marketing approach. That’s why Mark shows you what you can net if
    you do the work and then allows you to decide what’s best for you to achieve your
    homeownership goals. The Mark Hite Team is the largest marketing budget of any agent in the region, and his team of experts will exceed
    your expectations.

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