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Explaining Guaranteed Offer

We have been talking a lot about Guaranteed Offers, but we realize it might be confusing. There are realtors and companies out there who are doing something vastly different from what we are doing, but it can be hard to discern what the major differences between all the options out there are. So, in order to help illuminate why Guaranteed Offer is unique and why what we are doing is superior, we thought we’d lay out what it is and how it differs from the other options.

A Guaranteed Offer is NOT an offer that comes after you have put your house on the market for many months and put the work in to clean and clear out before each showing. 

Some realtors will offer to buy your home at a reduced price if they don’t sell it by a set period of time. We understand that there is a lot of work involved in setting up for home showings and ensuring you have a place to go to during the showing, especially during this time period. This is why we offer to buy the home UPFRONT with a cash offer. That is right, you sell your home fast and as-is for a price you agree upon after looking at your options.

Guaranteed Offer is NOT an offer that we will work for free to sell your home if we don’t sell it by a set amount of time.

We offer you two choices upfront. One is a Guaranteed Offer where we buy your house as-is with cash for an agreed-upon price and no commission.

The other option is we give you the price you could get on the market with our top of the line marketing and advertising team, this price may involve repairs of which we will lay out what would need to be done to ensure a sale.

Every month your home is on the market, the more questions there will be regarding why it is still for sale, especially when inventory is incredibly low. We don’t want to waste your time hoping you sell your home after placing it online, we are a team of action and that is why we put more advertising dollars behind the sale of your home than any other team.

Guaranteed Offer is NOT a way for us to push you into selling your home at a price that is lower than it could get on the market with repairs.

We aren’t a company that is only looking to buy your home so we can flip it and make a profit. We are a real estate team that knows the market in the area like no other and has over 150 years of collective real estate experience. We give you the option of selling for cash as-is or listing on the market because we want to support our clients in making an informed choice with one of their greatest assets. There are times where a fast sale due to relocation or divorce is what our client’s need and an upfront offer is the solution. There may also be a lot of deferred maintenance to be done that is out of our client’s budget, this is also where Guaranteed Offer has come into play to assist our clients in getting out and moving on. Whatever the reason, we advise based on what benefits the client because we can do whatever path best benefits them, no problem.

We hope that clarifies things a bit. If you would like to find out more about Guaranteed Offer click here.

Check out this video for an example of what we mean when we say As-Is!

Guaranteed Offer – As Is Sale on Your Home!

How does a Guaranteed Offer really work?

Posted by The Mark Hite Team | Keller Williams Realty Downtown Chattanooga on Monday, April 27, 2020


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