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    Frugal Ideas for Staging Your Home

    A staged home is most commonly the one that sells faster. However, you do not have to break the bank with a complete home makeover to sell your home.  Follow these simple tricks and you’ll be ready for a speedy real estate transaction.

    • Declutter and depersonalize. One of the best ways for someone else to imaging living in your home is to pack away your personal items and knickknacks.
    • Paint walls in neutral tones. Real estate experts believe certain paint colors inspire buyers to put in an offer. Make your home a blank canvas.
    • Turn on all the lights. Insufficient lighting can make your home look drab and dreary. Add floor lamps to rooms that do not have enough light.
    • Set the table. An empty dining room table is boring. Add a wow factor by setting your table for a dinner party.
    • Add mirrors. Mirrors make rooms appear larger. Purchase mirrors from your local bargain store or thrift store. They do not have to be pricey to work.
    • Keep furniture proportional to the room. Make sure minimal furniture is placed in smaller rooms.
    • Minimize art and decorations. When you stage a room use landscape or abstract paintings/art that brings out an accent color without being to specific.
    • Turn your bathroom into a spa. Purchase solid white towels, rug, and shower curtain.These items will make your bathroom feel luxurious. Again, purchase these at any discount store.
    • Add pops of color. I’ve told you to go neutral, now ad a pop of color! This is simple; just ad a colorful pillow to your couch or bed, or a bowl of lemons in the kitchen.
    • Clean out and organize closets. Take out and store everything that you do not regularly use. Then organize, organize, organize.
    • Clear off countertops. Clean up all of the clutter in the bathrooms and kitchen except for the necessities. And by necessities, I mean hand soap and hand towel for the bath and coffee make in the kitchen You want your home to appear neat and clean.

    Follow these easy steps and enjoy a much shorter time on the market!

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