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Misconceptions with Guaranteed Offer

Our Guaranteed Offer program is vastly different from any other realtor program in the area. While there are “Guaranteed Offer” options out there, they are not as desirable as ours. Whether you are looking to sell to relocate, downsize, in the midst of a divorce, or just trying to move on- it is important to us that you get the best deal on your home.

Here are some of the common things you will see when you go to sell your home and why they are underwhelming compared to our program.

“I’ll Work For Free”

You will see this often from many different realtors. The biggest thing is when you hear, “I’ll work for free” you might assume that it is a straight forward deal. The reality is certain criteria have to be met and it isn’t stated upfront what that is. With our Guaranteed Offer program, there is nothing hidden. It is a 100% upfront offer with no real contingencies or other criteria.


This is a pretty common tactic used by real estate agents in order to get your listing (home to sell). They will claim that they are the best listing agents in the community and that if they somehow fail to sell your home they will buy it. Please understand, they will NOT buy it for the price they list the home on the market. What does this mean and why does it pale when it comes to our offer? The agent will only offer you a reduced price to buy your home if it fails to sell. This means you go through months of showings, open houses, perhaps even repairs all to eventually end up just selling your home for a lesser price after going through all the work.

This is why our offer is an UPFRONT cash as-is offer. We tell you exactly how much we will buy it for, explain why and tell you exactly how many days it will take to close, offer you the option to choose the guaranteed offer or go the traditional route with our incredible marketing machine strategy for selling your home, and whatever you choose we work hard to make you happy with the decision you made.

“Need To Sell Your Chattanooga House Fast?”

The next most common tactic is the straight cash offer. Some of these will be honest fair offers, however, not all will be. Our offers are made by a local expert who knows exactly how much your home will sell traditionally on the market. We offer a genuinely fair offer for your home and explain why we are offering a specific amount for your home and give you the knowledge you would need to decide if you would like to take that offer or list with us to get a full price. If speed is of the essence, we can work with that deadline and can give you a general idea of how long we estimate your home would take to sell through the traditional route (which is fast as of 2020 July due to inventory). However, a Guaranteed Offer is always an option and has a short closing time that you will be appraised of at the start.

The other benefit you will hear is that you can leave what you want, do no repairs, pay no closing costs. We do that too.

Have any questions? Give us a call at 423.667.9385 or message us on our website or facebook.

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4 Responses to “Misconceptions with Guaranteed Offer”

  • Tom Howard
    Written on

    How long do we have to vacate our home, once we accept the Cash-as-is OFFER ?

    • Mark Hite
      Written on

      This is worked out with the agent and is situated around what works best for everyone. Give us a call and we can figure it out! 423.667.9385

  • Heidi Long
    Written on

    What if I don’t want the cash offer OR to list my home. Am I obligated to do one or the other?

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