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    What Are The 3 P’s Of Real Estate Today


    There is an old perception that Real Estate Agents simply put a sign in the yard, put the home in the
    MLS, and then wait for another agent to bring them a buyer. While this may have been the case pre-
    2008, that is not the case for successful agents in today’s market. One key characteristic of successful
    agents in 2021 is that they actively PROSPECT for buyers.
    When considering agents to list your home, be sure to ask how often they actually find the buyers for
    their property. You should also ask what steps they take to prospect. Do they purchase Google ad words
    to find buyers, and if so, how much do they spend each month? You should also ask them about
    “squeeze pages” on their website to procure buyer registries (if they don’t know what a squeeze page
    is…then you probably want to move onto the next agent). Be sure to ask what kind of software they use
    to capture and retain a pool of qualified buyers and whether they use yard signs or text for information
    signs to capture those who are driving by.
    These answers lead to the next question: who’s responding to those leads when the agent is out
    showing property or meeting with a client? Is the phone going unanswered, causing the buyer to move
    on? Will the agent be calling the neighbors to tell them about your home’s features and price? Annually
    6-7% of home buyers find the home they purchase from a neighbor referral.
    Ready and willing buyers are plentiful, but qualified buyers can be hard to find. What local lender does
    the agent use to prequalify buyers they are working with? And if the agent can answer all of these
    questions, ask them what happens when they do find the buyer? Are they still representing you, the
    seller, or do they default to facilitator and represent the interests of neither buyer nor seller? Also, ask
    them to explain Designated Agency and how that will apply if they find the buyer.
    The Mark Hite Team has been carefully divided into groups of specialists to consistently ensure superior
    results. With a massive marketing budget, paired with a team of Inside Sales Agents that work 7 days a
    week to generate leads and immediately respond to inbound inquiries, they actively PROSPECT for
    buyers. Mark has a team of Listing Partners who support him in representing hundreds of seller Clients
    every year. When Mark is successful at finding buyers for his listings (which happens constantly) those
    buyers are represented by buyers’ specialists so that each side of the transaction has dedicated
    professional advocates.
    To maximize your net proceeds and minimize the stress of selling, you want to work with an agent who
    actively PROSPECTS for Buyers.

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