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The Importance of Working with a Local Realtor

The Importance of Working with a Local Realtor

For the past few years, the Chattanooga real estate market has been highly competitive for buyers. Many new and even some experienced home buyers are finding it difficult to successfully purchase a home with minimal stress. Working with a local realtor for your purchase can ease the burden of being the expert in our local market.

Working with a local realtor isn’t only the best choice for buyers, sellers can also greatly benefit from selling their home with a local agent. Recently, out-of-town agents backed by unreliable large investors have infiltrated our area and are making offers on the homes of Chattanooga residents. In addition to receiving impersonal and disconnected service, homeowners are losing thousands of dollars on the sale of their home due to hefty fees taken at the closing table.

A local agent works for YOU! They will be there to guide you every step of the way during your real estate transaction. Here are a few of the biggest benefits when you choose a local agent:

1. Fewer fees = more money for YOU!

When you sell or buy your home with an out-of-town agent that’s backed by large national entities, that means fees and more fees! On average, their fees total up to 5% of the sale. At the Mark Hite Team, our processing fee is just a fraction of those charged by a national or online entity!

2. Local and relatable service.

If you buy or sell with a large online real estate company, you get trapped with a customer service team or call center out-of-state to help facilitate your real estate transaction. With a local agent or team, you have direct access to your agent! They will be on call to assist with any questions or concerns you have during the process. 

3. Building your local economy.

Chattanooga has always been a place that values community. When you choose a local agent or team, you ensure your money and financial support goes right back to the local economy. At the Mark Hite Team, we believe giving back starts at home and Mark plans to donate over $150,000 to non-profits and causes in our area again this year. Every real estate transaction with the Mark Hite Team helps us achieve that goal! 

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home, remember to choose local! You’ll benefit from fewer fees, more experienced knowledge of the Chattanooga real estate market and give back to your community. Call the Mark Hite Team today at 423.667.9385!

And if you’re interested in learning more about the ONLY LOCAL guaranteed offer program, visit!

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