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Guaranteed Offer

There are many companies that will buy your home for cash. A few realtors will buy your home if it does not sell on the market. However, we are the first local company to give you the option of either listing your home with our aggressive marketing strategy or getting an immediate cash offer upfront on your home here in Chattanooga. Our company will provide you with an ethical process of deciding between a cash offer or listing your property for sale. Check out the benefits of Guaranteed Offer and schedule an appointment with one of our expert listing agents to see if this is a service you might be interested in or call us today 423.667.9385!

Quick 4 Step Process

The process is simple.

  1. We visit the home and give you a full home assessment to determine the value in today’s market, length of time to sell, and suggestions to maximize seller net proceeds. You determine you want a Guaranteed Offer instead of listing.
  2. Price is determined, including net to seller, assuming all taxes are current.
  3. Home inspection completed determining any unseen issues, once resolved, home is purchased as-is.
  4. Set the closing date and start packing!

Who is Best for this Program?

You are a seller who is interested in selling your home without listing so you can skip the staging/decluttering, showings, open houses, negotiations, and repairs.

You need to sell your home fast. You need a quick home sale as you are relocating or perhaps you want to buy a home NOW and not wait for the sale of your home.

You are a long term owner with deferred maintenance or tenant occupied properties and don’t care to get in the weeds with the home updates.

The ideal candidate is located within our service area and has a home valued up to $300,000 which is not located in a flood plain. They are site-built homes and homes not owned by the bank.

What is the Catch?

In exchange for a turnkey quick sale, the homeowner accepts a lesser price vs our full-on market approach listing price. The reason for this price difference is that we take on all the risk.

It is important to note that whatever path you chose, we do not care. We are happy to help you with whatever path you take. We will never pressure you to choose one option over the other, that is the benefit of working with a local company that offers both listing your house or the Guaranteed Offer approach.

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